.XLS Repair Tool download

MS Office .xls file repair software

Excel Repair Toolbox (download) is powerful corrupted .XLS files repair recovery software, suitable for all instances of data corruption, including viral infections, incorrect user actions, download errors and other problems, damaging the structure of Microsoft Excel documents.

.XLS file repair tool download

MS Office .XLS file repair software features the following services:

  • support of Microsoft Windows, starting from 98 till 7;
  • support of MS Excel, starting from its oldest versions till the latest ones;
  • repairs fonts, colors, borders, formulas, text, cells and other items in MS Excel;
  • guarantees the safety and privacy of all Excel restore operations.

Free XLS Repair Online

Since the size of .XLS repair tool download is pretty small, it can be got on your PC in several seconds. As soon as it is completed, .XLS file repair tool download is ready to be installed by clicking the setup file of Excel Repair Toolbox. After this you may click the setup file of free XLS repair online program and follow its instructions.

.XLS Repair Software download

Get Excel Repair Toolbox and make sure the damage of Excel documents is not a problem anymore, it is faster, easier and often more efficient than backing up input workbooks. This way of .XLS repair software download is exactly what you need

Corrupted .xls files repair recovery software
The XLS Repair Tool don not require donate. The Xls Repair Toolbox are not include GPL, MPL and open source.
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Selecting a source Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx) file for repairing
Start recovery procedure.
Preview of recovered data.
Preview of recovered data from damaged Excel file.
Viewing the final recovery report.